Specialization and know-how
recognized and appreciated by the market

Deko has developed a forty-year experience in  studying and creating non-stick coatings for the  cookware market, growing a specialized and  competent know-how. The company manufactures  systems both for roller and spray applications,  formulating systems for internal and external  applications. To complete Deko’s product  portfolio, the company can provide silk and pad  printing inks, to ensure every product can be  unique and customized.

According to the  company’s values of flexibility and tailoring, Deko  has designed multiple performance levels to be  able to offer its clients the best systems according  to their needs. To complete Deko’s offering you  can count on competence and a customer-centric  approach, aspects appreciated by customers all  over the world, making Deko a global leader in  non-stick systems.



A process by which PTFE-based coatings can be applied to aluminium discs to provide the substrate with non-stick properties. The adoption of new resins, fully developed in our own laboratories, has made Deko a current leading manufacturer of external coatings in the cookware industry.


Coatings based on PTFE and silicone resin, intended for both internal and external applications on manufactured goods. These resins provide features such as heat resistance, chemical inertia, non-stick, anti-friction, hot hardness and abrasion resistance; guaranteeing their suitability for direct or indirect food contact in compliance with the current regulations.


INKS Deko Inks are created to be used in the printing of patterns, decorations, and aesthetic marks. Thanks to the ongoing evolution of this technology, DEKO is now able to offer the market increasingly attractive products. In addition to conventional silk printings based on oven-hardened resins, DEKO’s range of inks also includes the latest UV-hardened silk prints for multi-color inline decorations


Deko can create unique finishes and effects in all coating systems roller and spray, external and internal. We can custom create colors, metallic finishes and other unique effects